Ken Schiller

Diaconate Board Chair; Youth & Family Co-Chair

Dan Jones

Music Team Chair

Sonya Porter

Youth and Family

Helen Goss

Open and Affirming Team Chair

The Diaconate Board is responsible for the spiritual life of First Church. Their primary visible work occurs on Sunday mornings, when they assure that we have ushers, greeters and readers; that the altar, lectern, and pulpit are properly adorned; and on the first Sunday of each month, that the Communion elements of bread and grape juice are provided and prepared for distribution. The Diaconate Board is also responsible for the Music Program, Youth and Family activities such as Sunday School and inter-generational outings, adult faith formation opportunities, and our continuing work through the Open and Affirming educational process through the teams that report to the Board.


Other events that occur in the Sanctuary such as weddings and funerals also fall under the responsibilities of the Diaconate.